Great Britain Round 9 Race

Read on as home favourite Lewis Hamilton wins at Silverstone in the wet.

Lewis Hamilton wins the British grand prix in the wet ahead of Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel

Same conditions to qualifying at the start but only to half way when on lap 29 when dark clouds came over and on lap 36 the rain starts but it was only light. The rain effects Woodcote corner first.

Lap To The Grid & Warm Up Lap

On the way to the grid Felipe Nasr’s Sauber breaks down on track but makes it back to the garage but didn’t start the race. Both Hamilton and Rosberg complain of poor grip on the way to the grid.

The lights go out and Felipe Massa’s Williams rockets past both Mercedes cars with Valterri Bottas follows but Hamilton fends Bottas off. Turn 3 and Pastor Maldonado crashes into team-mate Romain Grosjean which causes Fernando Alonso’s McLaren to take avoiding action but hits team-mate Jenson Button and Button is out with Grosjean and Maldonado. At the end of lap 1 the safety car comes out. Lap 2 and Alonso comes into the pits for a new nose.

Lap 4 and the safety car comes in and Hamilton tries to take the lead off of Massa but locks up and allows Bottas through. Turn 2 and Max Verstappen for Torro Rosso loses the rear and drifts and gets beached and is out.

Lap 20 and Hamilton makes a brave decision and pits. The next lap and Massa and Rosberg pit and Hamilton passes them and is second. Lap 22 and Bottas pits and Hamilton gets past. Hamilton leads ahead of Massa, Bottas and Rosberg. Lap 23 and Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull is reporting a loss of power and comes into the pits and is out. Lap 33 and Carlos Sainz for Torro Rosso stops and brings out the virtual safety car. Lap 36 and the virtual safety car stops and Roberto Merhi for Manor Marussia pits for inters as light rain begins. A lap later and Kimi Raikkonen for Ferrari pits for inters as well. The Rain is getting heavier with Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel pit for inters. A lap later and Rosberg, Massa and Bottas stop. Hamilton leads ahead of Rosberg and Vettel who has jumped Massa and Bottas. As Hamilton comes through the final corners the fans goes wild and Hamilton wins.

Race Result
1.Hamilton 2.Rosberg 3.Vettel 4.Massa 5.Bottas 6.Kvyat 7.Hulkenberg 8.Raikkonen 9.Perez 10.Alonso 11.Ericsson 12.Merhi 13.Stevens DNF Sainz, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Maldonado, Grosjean, Button DNS Nasr

My View And Opions

The best race of the season so far? It was nice to see both the Williams cars blast past both Mercedes cars at the start. I thought Williams could have let Bottas through before the first pit stops and could have had a go and possibly winning the race. I am so happy for Fernando Alonso for McLaren who finished 10th and a single world championship point, his first point of the season. Really good race by both Force India cars in their upgraded car to finish 7th and 9th. Overall an exciting race and I’m glad that the rain played a part in the outcome of the race.

Drivers’ Championship
1.Hamilton 194pts 2.Rosberg 177pts 3.Vettel 135pts

Constructors Championship
1.Mercedes 371pts 2.Ferrari 211pts 3.Williams 151pts

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