Hungarian Race Round 10

Read on as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel wins an incredible and unpredictable race ahead of Red Bulls Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo.

Sebastian Vettel wins an incredible, unpredicted race ahead of Red Bulls Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo.

Just before the national anthem, the drivers gather at the front of the gird and place their helmets the middle. The drivers stand in a circle joined with Jules family and they hold an emotional one minute silence.

Formation lap
On the formation to the grid Felipe Massa misses his grid spot and all the drivers have to do another formation lap with Massa giving a 5 second penalty which will be given at his pit stop.

Race Start

The lights go out and Lewis Hamilton is a little slow off pole as Sebastian Vettel rockets past and into the lead, Nico Rosberg is second but Kimi Raikkonen just takes second going into turn 3. Vettel leads ahead of Raikkonen, Rosberg then Hamilton in 4th. Hamilton runs wide at turn 6 across the gravel after nearly coming together with Rosberg. Hamilton falls to 10th.
Lap 10, Hamilton starts his comeback after passing Massa then passing Sergio Perez on lap 13.

Lap 14 and drivers start to make their first pit stops with Valterri Bottas and Daniil Kvyat pitting that lap. Massa, Max Verstappen, Romain Grosjean and Jenson Button pit on lap 15. Nico Hulkenberg, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz pit on lap 16 with Perez and Marcus Ericsson pitting a lap later. Lap 19 and Perez tries to pass Pastor Maldonado round the outside of turn 1 but both touch and Perez spins. Lap 20 and Hamilton pits with Rosberg a lap later and Vettel on lap 22 and Raikkonen on lap 23.

Lap 24, Grosjean gets a 5 second penalty for an unsafe release. The same lap and Maldonado gets a drive through penalty for the collision with Perez on lap 19. Hamilton passes Ricciardo for 4th on lap 29. Lap 42 and Raikkonen says he is losing power and he is. Lap 43 and Hulkenberg loses his front wing into turn 1 and crashes heavily into the barrier bringing out the virtual safety car. Rosberg, Hamilton, Perez, Ericsson and Ricciardo react to the virtual and pit. Lap 44 and Ferrari double stack with Vettel in first and Raikkonen not far behind meanwhile the real safety car comes out.

The safety car passes through the pit lane due to the debris on track as the marshals clean up. Perez pits as a precaution and gets a new nose. Lap 49, the safety car comes in with Rosberg overtakes the disadvantaged Raikkonen into turn 1 with Ricciardo going round the outside off Hamilton, Hamilton locks up and makes contact with Ricciardo. Hamilton loses a piece of his front wing.

Lap 51 and Ricciardo is flying after the contact and passes Raikkonen for 3rd. Hamilton pits for a new nose a lap later. The next lap and Raikkonen pits and stalls, he manages to get it going but its terminal. Hamilton gets a drive through penalty for the contact with Ricciardo on lap 54. Lap 57 and Verstappen gets a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane at the same time Raikkonen retires with a hybrid failure resulting in a loss of power. A lap later and Maldonado receives another drive through penalty for speeding behind the safety car. Lap 62 and Sainz retires.

Lap 64, Ricciardo locks up by trying to pass Rosberg for 2nd into turn 1. Ricciardo goes wide and Rosberg cuts across resulting in a new nose for Ricciardo and a puncture for Rosberg. They both pit the next lap.

Lap 66, Kvyat, who now lies 2nd behind Vettel gets a 10 second time penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage which will be added at the end of the race.

Maldonado receives his third and last penalty of the day on lap 68 for speeding in the pit lane and receives a 10 second time penalty which will be given at the end of the race.

Vettel wins an extraordinary, eventful and classic Hungarian Grand Prix. On the slow down lap he thanks the team and talks about Jules and how this race is for him.

Race Result
1.Vettel 2.Kvyat 3.Ricciardo 4.Verstappen 5.Alonso 6.Hamilton 7.Grosjean 8.Rosberg 9.Button 10.Ericsson 11.Nasr 12.Massa 13.Bottas 14.Maldonado 15.Merhi 16.Stevens DNF Sainz, Raikkonen, Perez and Hulkenberg.

An absolute thriller! Best race of the season?

Ferrari are back on top and finally two podiums for Red Bull. Stella drives from Verstappen and Alonso to finish 4th and 5th. Finally a decent result for McLaren as Alonso was 5th and Button in 9th and 11 points they now have 17 points and only 5 points behind Sauber in 8th place.

I’m gutted for Raikkonen as it looked to be a Ferrari 1 – 2. There has been talks about his drive for 2016 but the first part of the race before the hybrid gave up, the job he did was great.

Three penalties is a joke from Maldonado, really with team-mate Grosjean in 7th, Maldonado should have been around there. Maldonado is losing points for himself and Lotus. If I was the team principal of Lotus I would talk to him and tell him his drive is at risk for 2016 as I would put reserve driver, Jolyon Palmer in his seat because results like this isn’t on!

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