Mid Season Report And The Rest Of The Season Ahead

Formula One breaks up after two thrilling grand prix, Silverstone and Hungary and heads into the mid-point of the season.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes lead both the Driver’s and Constructors Championships, in which Hamilton has 5 victories to his name this year while team-mate Nico Rosberg has three and the “surprise” of the season, Sebastian Vettel has 2 victories, the latest being in Hungary and closest rival to Hamilton, Rosberg and Mercedes.

The remaining 9 races in the second half of the season will start in Belgium then in Italy, Singapore, Japan, Russia, United States, Mexico, Brazil and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Mercedes, 1st in Constructors Championship, 383 points

Mercedes have left off where they left last year and lead both championships with Hamilton 1st and Rosberg 2nd. They have been not exactly flawless with Hamilton’s late pit stop in Monaco and their shaky starts in recent races. Ferrari remain their biggest challenge, a staggering 147 points behind in 2nd.

Ferrari, 2nd in Constructors Championship, 236 points

Ferrari has come back after a winless 2014 season and has now reached their target of 2 wins. The first win in Malaysia, where the hotter conditions suit the car much better than the Mercedes and the second in Hungary. Vettel has brought these victories home and has become team leader. Kimi Raikkonen is under pressure after struggling mainly in qualifying has Ferrari looking somewhere else for next season.

Williams, 3rd in Constructors Championship, 151 points

Williams have slipped back from Mercedes and now Ferrari have leaped them in the Championship. Valterri Bottas secured the first podium of the year with Canada in 3rd, then Felipe Massa came third in Austria. Both cars did not score any points in Monaco or in Hungary. They did lead a one two in the early part of the British GP after getting the jump on Mercedes at the start but when the rain came down they fell to 4th and 5th place.

Red Bull, 4th in the Constructors Championship, 96 points

Red Bull in the early part of the season was struggling to even get decent points but a double podium in Hungary with Daniil Kvyat in 2nd, his first podium then Daniel Ricciardo in 3rd. The main reason for their trouble is the Renault engine but the last two races show Renault have made significant progress. Both drivers have said the second half of the season especially in Singapore will be a lot better.

Force India, 5th in the Constructors Championship, 39 points

After missing the first few tests, Force India have had a good couple of races. Force India introduced the upgraded car in Silverstone. They had a good run of points from Bahrain round 4 to Britain round 9. Nico Hulkenberg competed in the Le Mans and won, this has given him more confidence. Both cars retired in Hungary where in Friday practise Sergio Perez rolled due to a rear suspension failure then Hulkenberg had a front wing failure in the race.

Lotus, 6th in the Constructors Championship, 35 points

Lotus are fast enough to challenge for points in every race. Romain Grosjean scored the teams first points in China. Both drivers retired in Australia and in Britain. Maldonado has retired 6 out of 10 races and picked up three penalty points in Hungary. While the team have scored in 6 out of 10 races. Lotus look to overtake Force India by the end of the season.

Torro Rosso, 7th in the Constructors Championship, 31 points

A good start to the season by the impressive rookies of Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. Engine and car failures have stopped them from picking up more points. Verstappen picked up his best finish of 4th in Hungary and Torro Rosso’s best finish since the Italian GP 2008 won by Sebastian Vettel. The fight between Force India, Lotus and Torro Rosso is close they will all be fighting for 5th place.

Sauber, 8th in the Constructors Championship, 22 points

Sauber had to capitalise in the opening races and they did with Felipe Nasr’s 5th in Australia with Marcus Ericsson in 8th. They scored again in China, Monaco and in Hungary. They knew they would not keep up in the developement area so points have been hard to come by. The aim is to try to score more points and keep ahead of McLaren.

McLaren, 9th in the Constructors Championship, 17 points.

Who would have thought that McLaren were near the back of the field and struggling to score points. But with a huge points hall of 12 points in Hungary things look to be slowly coming together. Fernando Alonso crashed in testing and missed the first race. Jenson Button scored the teams first points in Monaco. The biggest problem is the Honda engine.

Manor, 10th in the Constructors Championship, 0 points

Despite having zero money, year old car and an engine, Manor have done well so far. Both cars did not make the start of the Australian GP. Both Roberto Merhi and Will Stevens are evenly matched in qualifying and in the race. They don’t expect any more form in performance. The major loss of Jules Bianchi who drove for the team in 2013 and 2014 saw Manor and all the other teams pay tribute with a sticker with #JB17.

Who will triumph in the last remaining races?

Who will be Formula One World Champion 2015?

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