Japanese Race Round 14

Lewis Hamilton wins ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel.


After his serious crash yesterday in the final seconds of Q3, Red Bulls Daniil Kvyat is ok to race and his Red Bull is rebuilt but he will start in the pit lane.

The lights go out and Hamilton is slightly quicker of the line than Rosberg and both are side by side as they enter turn 1. Rosberg on the outside try’s to go round the outside but Hamilton is on the inside and has turn 2 and forces Rosberg a little wide and Hamilton leads. Rosberg falls behind Sebastian Vettel, who jumped Valterri Bottas at the start.

Turn 1 and turn 2 also sees Sergio Perez skidding wide, Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo are limping around the track with punctures.

So Hamilton leads then its Vettel, Bottas, Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen, Romain Grosjean, Pastor Maldonado, Nico Hulkenberg, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz.

Lap 9, Kvyat who started from the pit lane has now pitted, it’s an early stop. Lap 10, Alonso and Max Verstappen pits. Lap 11, Hulkenberg, Jenson Button, Felipe Nasr pits as there is yellow flags in sector 2. Marcus Ericsson spins but continues. Lap 12, Bottas and Grosjean pit. Lap 14 and Vettel pits from 3rd. Lap 15, Raikkonen and Sainz pit. Lap 16, Rosberg pits. Lap 17, race leader Hamilton pits and is the last one to pit expect both the Manor cars of Will Stevens and Alexander Rossi.

Lap 18, Kvyat is told by team radio that he has reliability issues. Lap 20, Hamilton’s lead to Vettel is up to 9.749 seconds. To prove that he is building a gap he sets the fastest lap of the race the next lap of 1:37:961. Kvyat pits again that lap as he is down on power. Lap 24, after passing Bottas a couple of laps earlier, Rosberg has the gap to 2nd place Vettel to 1.7 seconds.

Lap 29, in a battle with Bottas, Raikkonen pits and try’s for the undercut. Lap 30, Bottas pits in reaction to Raikkonen. Down the pit straight and Raikkonen is clear of Bottas.  Rosberg also pits to undercut Vettel. Vettel pits from 2nd on lap 31 and Rosberg has made it past him and is into 2nd place. Lap 32, Hamilton pits from the lead and emerges back into 1st place. Lap 34, on a brand new set of tyres, Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race by smashing his previous best of 1:37:961 to 1:36:145.

Lap 45, Stevens out of turn 16 and his team-mate Rossi has to take avoiding action. Stevens continues as Verstappen passes team-mate Sainz at the Chicane.

Lap 51 as we though we were going to have all 20 cars finish the race, Felipe Nasr drops out and into retirement. Hamilton wins ahead of Rosberg and Vettel.

Race Result

1.Hamilton  2.Rosberg  3.Vettel  4.Raikkonen  5.Bottas  6.Hulkenberg  7.Grosjean  8.Maldonado  9.Verstappen  10.Sainz  11.Alonso  12.Perez  13.Kvyat  14.Ericsson  15.Ricciardo  16.Button  17.Massa  18.Rossi  19.Stevens  20.Nasr*

Nasr* althought he retired, Nasr was classed as finishing the race.

Drivers Championship

1.Hamilton 277pts  2.Rosberg 229pts  3.Vettel 218pts  4.Raikkonen 119pts  5.Bottas 111pts

My View

A good race to show that Mercedes have not lost their winning touch. Good result for Lotus with Grosjean 7th and Maldonado 8th during difficult times as it looks like that Renault are purchasing the team. This was Honda’s home race and to be not far from the points with Alonso in 11th. This was not a bad result as both cars finished.

I hope Button and Alonso stay for next year as their futures are in doubt.

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Singapore Round 13 Race

Sebastian Vettel wins ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen as Lewis Hamilton retires.


On The Grid

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton seem to be in trouble with an electrical glitch but they have resolved it and both are fine.


The race is under way but Max Verstappen’s Torro Rosso isn’t as he stalls and is last. Vettel leads ahead of Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Daniil Kvyat, Hamilton and Rosberg. Vettel extends his lead to 5 seconds on lap 8 to Ricciardo, who has a 3 second buffer to Raikkonen.

Lap 10, Romain Grosjean is first to pit as he battle with Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso. Lap 11, Alonso, Sainz, Marcus Ericsson and Pastor Maldonado pit and Grosjean gets the jump on Sainz but not the McLaren of Alonso.

Lap 12, Nico Hulkenberg pits as he is ahead of Sergio Perez and behind Felipe Massa. Lap 13, Massa pits as Hulkenberg makes he way across the finish line. Into turn 1, both are neck to neck as Massa takes the inside of the corner but Hulkenberg does not see him and both colide, sending Hulkenberg into the wall and out. This brings out the Virtual Safety car.

Lap 14, Vettel, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Kvyat, Hamilton, Rosberg and Valterri Bottas pit. Jenson Button also pits but he is stationary for over 50 seconds as a wheel nut is stuck inside the tyre. The problem is resovled and he is back out on track. Lap 15, Massa pits as there is little damage to his car and the Safety car is deployed. Lap 16, Vettel leads from, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kvyat and Bottas. Kvyat lost out to Hamilton and Rosberg as he had to wait for the cars to pass in the pit lane. Lap 19 and the Safety cars is in.

Lap 22, Vettel is not going as fast as he was and trying to back Ricciardo into his team mate Raikkonen to try and get past. The same and the stewards have given a 3 place grid drop to Hulkenberg for causing a collision with Massa on lap 13.

Lap 27, Hamilton is reporting a loss of power and he is slowing. Grosjean pits on the same lap. Lap 28 and Maldonado pits. Lap 29, Ericsson and Sainz pit for a second time. Lap 30, Massa drives into the pits and does not stop in his pit box, he just drives through and rejoins the race. The next lap and he retires. Hamilton has fallen back and is now just been past by both Manor cars. He retires on lap 32.

Lap 33, Kvyat pits and Alonso retires. Lap 35, Perez and Felipe Nasr pits. Lap 37, Verstappen and Ericsson pits. The Safety car has been deployed as there is a man on track. The man finds a gap in the barrier and jumps in. Lap 38, Vettel, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Bottas and Button pit. Lap 41, the Safety car comes in.

Button try’s to overtake Maldonado, Maldonado runs wide and off track as Button dives for the inside for the next corner. Button hits the back of Maldonado’s car and loses a part of his front wing. At the end of that lap, Button pits. In a race where McLaren hoped for points, Button retires on lap 52 ending any hope of points.

Lap 55, Maldonado pits and continues. Lap 57, Vettel leads from, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Bottas, Kvyat, Perez, Verstappen, Sainz and Grosjean. Have been 1 and a half laps down, Verstappen has fought his way up to 8th and is catching Perez. Lap 59, Grosjean retires, handing 10th place to Nasr.

Race Result

1.Vettel  2.Ricciardo  3.Raikkonen  4.Rosberg  5.Bottas  6.Kvyat  7.Perez  8.Verstappen  9.Sainz  10.Nasr  11.Ericsson  12.Maldonado  13.*Grosjean  14.*Rossi  15.*Stevens   DNF Button, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Hulkenberg

*Grosjean reitred on lap 59 but was classified 13th.

*Rossi and *Stevens were both lapped during the race.

Drivers Championship

1.Hamilton 252pts  2.Rosberg 211pts  3.Vettel 203pts  4.Raikkonen 107pts  5.Bottas 101pts

Constructors Championship

1.Mercedes 463pts  2.Ferrari 310pts  3.Williams 198pts  4.Red Bull 139pts  5.Force India 69pts

My View

A good race although i would of liked a little more overtaking. Faultless weekend by Vettel, Awesome. Although Hamilton retired, it is not him feeling the pressure as much, its his team mate should be with Rosberg on 211 points and Vettel on 203 points. A fantastic drive from Verstappen to get to 8th. Maldonado finished, just about as his collision with Button left him with a damaged diffuser. Japan will be intresting to see if Mercedes have got speed to actually try and win!

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Singapore Round 13 Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel takes pole position ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen as Lewis Hamilton qualifies 5th.

As shown in this mornings practise, both Mercedes drivers could be beaten to pole position. Ferrari and Red Bull have looked strong all weekend could they take the first non Mercedes pole position of the Season?

Q1 and both Manor and Sauber cars of Will Stevens, Alexander Rossi, Marcus Ericsson and Felipe are eliminated with Lotuses Pastor Maldonado. Both McLaren’s make it through as Daniil Kvyat is quickest.

Q2 and both Force India and McLaren cars of Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are eliminated with Torro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz. Sainz gets wide on his final run and hits the wall in Sector 3. Everyone who was on a quick lap is now delayed and yellow flags are put out. Vettel is quickest at the end of the session.

Q3 and Vettel puts in an amazing lap to get into the 1:43s and bags pole position. His lap is half a second quicker than 2nd place, Ricciardo and 1.415 quicker than Hamilton in 5th. Nico Rosberg lines up 6th with Romain Grosjean rounding out the top 10 in 10th.

Qualifying Result

1.Vettel  2.Ricciardo  3.Raikkonen  4.Kvyat  5.Hamilton  6.Rosberg  7.Bottas  8.Verstappen  9.Massa 10.Grosjean  11.Hulkenberg  12.Alonso  13.Perez  14.Sainz  15.Button  16.Nasr  17.Ericsson  18.Maldonado  19.Stevens  20.Rossi

A Mercedes driver not on pole! Wow. Ferrari and Red Bull are on form. Red Bull and McLaren have hoped for this race all year. What can Hamilton and Rosberg do from 5th and 6th. McLaren’s best chance of points all season but will they get it?

Singapore Preview


As it stands, Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton leads the Drivers Championship by 53 points over team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Singapore throws up surprises each year, what will happen this year?

The first Singapore Grand Prix was hosted in 2008 and is the first “night held” race ever. The race had the nickname of “Crashgate” scandal when Nelson Piquet Jr crashed early on and gave team-mate Fernando Alonso an advantage, as he had just pitted for tyres. Alonso won from then on. A year later and Renault admitted to telling Piquet to crash.

Red Bull is the most successful team round here with 3 wins. McLaren, Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes have 1 win each here.

Sebatian Vettel is the most successful driver round here with 3 wins. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have 2 wins each.

Back to this years race and this is the race that has most teams anticipated, especially Red Bull and McLaren. Both teams took engine penalty’s in Monza, that shows how much prepared they are to have a decent weekend.

This weekend also sees American’s Alexander Rossi debut in the Manor Marussia. He replaces Roberto Merhi for this weekend. He is the first American driver since Scott Speed in 2007.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton hopes to break even on some records. He is chasing his 8th pole position in a row and if he does he will level will Ayrton Senna. Mercedes are hoping to match Williams’s 1992/1993 season record of 24 pole positions in a row.

Italian Race Round 12

Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian grand prix ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Williams Felipe Massa.


The race is under way but Kimi Raikkonen isn’t as he goes into anti-stall and falls to last. Hamilton leads ahead of Vettel, Massa and Valterri Bottas. Lap 2, Max Verstappen takes his drive through penalty as Felipe Nasr pits and Romain Grosjean retires from the race. Lap 3, that’s Pastor Maldonado out, double retirement for Lotus!

Raikkonen is making his way up from last as he is now 9th on lap 7. Lap 11, Carlos Sainz is given a 5 second penalty and pits that lap and serves the penalty as well. Lap 15, Hamilton has built up a gap to Vettel, it is now up to 8.127 seconds.

Lap 19, in a battle with Bottas and Massa, Nico Rosberg pits for the medium tyres as he try’s to go for an under cut on both. Lap 20, Massa pits and comes out behind Rosberg. Rosberg on his out lap was fastest in the middle and last sector. Lap 23, Bottas pits and he comes out behind Rosberg and Massa.

Lap 26, Vettel pits then Hamilton pits the next lap. Lap 29, Raikkonen pits for medium. Lap 31, Daniel Ricciardo is the last one to make a stop and goes onto the soft tyres.

Lap 48, Hamilton is told to push, but he has a 22 second gap to Vettel. There are concerned faces at Mercedes!

Lap 50, Fernando Alonso is out after closing down on team-mate Jenson Button. Raikkonen passes Sergio Perez for 6th place. Lap 51 and there is a puff of smoke coming from Rosberg’s Mercedes and he slows to the halt in the 2nd sector at the 2nd chicane. Hamilton is told by team radio that everything is fine and they will talk about it when he gets back to the pits.

Hamilton survives to win ahead of Vettel and Massa.

Race Result

1.Hamilton  2.Vettel  3.Massa  4.Bottas  5.Raikkonen  6.Perez  7.Hulkenberg  8.Ricciardo  9.Ericsson  10.Kvyat  11.Sainz  12.Verstappen  13.Nasr  14.Button  15.Stevens  16.Merhi  DNF Rosberg, Alonso, Grosjean, Maldonado

No further action was taken by the stewards for the tyre pressures on Hamilton and Rosberg’s car.

Drivers Championship

1.Hamilton 252pts  2.Rosberg 199pts  3.Vettel 178pts  4.Massa 97pts  5.Raikkonen 92pts

Overall a controlled race by Hamilton to extend his championship lead to 53 points over Rosberg. Is this the race where Rosberg’s championship hopes went up in smokes? Where would Raikkonen be if he did not have such a bad start? Good result by both Force India cars of Perez and Hulkenberg to reclaim 5th in the Constructors championship, 13 points ahead of Lotus.

Lotus looks to be bought by Renault in the upcoming weeks, due to the team’s financial difficulties. If Renault does buy Lotus it would return as a works team, last a team at the end of 2010.

Italian Qualifying Round 12

Lewis Hamilton takes pole position ahead of Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.


Both Red Bulls, McLaren’s and Torro Rosso’s have grid penalty’s. They are taking the penalty’s now because they are getting ready for the Singapore grand prix which will suit all there cars better.

Q1 saw both McLaren’s and Manor Marussia cars did not get through. Max Verstappen missed most of the session to fit his new engine components for tomorrow but did get out. On his only lap, Verstappen lost a part of his engine cover in spectacular form and did not get a time in. Hamilton sets the fastest time of 1:24:251.

Q2 saw Pastor Maldonado, Felipe Nasr, Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo did not get through. Ricciardo the same as Verstappen, got out in Q1 and set a time but not a time in Q2.

Q3 saw Nico Hulkenberg’s Force India coasting into the pits with half of the session to go. He did not go back out and ended up 9th. Hamilton was in a league of his own with a new updated engine only for him and Rosberg. But Rosberg’s engine gave up and he had to resort to his old engine. Ferrari gave the Tifosi something to cheer about with Raikkonen 2nd and Vettel 3rd.

Qualifying Result

1.Hamilton  2.Raikkonen  3.Vettel  4.Rosberg  5.Massa  6.Bottas  7.Perez  8.Grosjean  9.Hulkenberg  10.Maldonado  11.Nasr  13.Ericsson*  14.Stevens  15.Merhi  16.Button*  17.Alonso*  18.Sainz*  19.Kvyat*  19.Ricciardo*  20.Verstappen*

Ericsson* got a two place grid penalty for impeding Hulkenberg .

Button* and Alonso* got penalty’s for changing power unit elements.

Sainz* got a 20 place penalty for changing two power unit elements.

Kvyat* received a 35 place penalty for various power units.

Ricciardo* received a total of 50 place penalty’s.

Verstappen* will start last after receiving a 20 place grid penalty for changing two power unit elements and a drive through penalty for having an unsafe condition while leaving the pits due to the bodywork in Q1.

Tomorrow’s race will be interesting to see if Hamilton can hold off the prancing horses through out the race. A good points finish is on Grosjean’s mind after a 3rd place at Belgium. Can any of the Torro Rosso and Red Bull cars manage to pull themselves into the top 10?

Monza Preview


As Formula One returns after the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton extended his championship lead over team-mate Nico Rosberg by 28 points.

As Formula one comes into the second half of the season all is still play for the 2015 championship and that starts in the heart in Italy, Monza!

Italy is only one of four remaining race tracks to host a grand prix since Formula One started racing in 1950. The other three are the British, Monaco and Belgian grand prix’s

Monza has hosted every race there since the calendar began but only Imola hosted in 1980 to 2006. Imola, in 1994 where in Qualifying, Roland Ratzenberger crashed then in the Race, Ayrton Senna crashed and both were killed. This was regarded as Formula One’s darkest weekend.

Monza hosted from 2007 onwards. In 2008, a young Sebastian Vettel took a surprise pole position and race win in the wet conditions to take his and Torro Rosso’s maiden victory.

So far Micheal Schumacher is the most successful driver round Monza with 5 wins. Out of the current grid Sebastian Vettel has the most victories with 3, including the 2008 win. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are tied on victories on 2 wins. Hamilton took victory here last time in 2014.

Ferrari are the most successful constructor here with 19 wins. McLaren have 10, Williams have 6 and Red Bull have 2 wins.

This race weekend will be tough on tyres and a debatable 1 or 2 stop race.

The light grey shows the the old Monza curcuit and the red shows the current curcuit.

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