Italian Race Round 12

Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian grand prix ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Williams Felipe Massa.


The race is under way but Kimi Raikkonen isn’t as he goes into anti-stall and falls to last. Hamilton leads ahead of Vettel, Massa and Valterri Bottas. Lap 2, Max Verstappen takes his drive through penalty as Felipe Nasr pits and Romain Grosjean retires from the race. Lap 3, that’s Pastor Maldonado out, double retirement for Lotus!

Raikkonen is making his way up from last as he is now 9th on lap 7. Lap 11, Carlos Sainz is given a 5 second penalty and pits that lap and serves the penalty as well. Lap 15, Hamilton has built up a gap to Vettel, it is now up to 8.127 seconds.

Lap 19, in a battle with Bottas and Massa, Nico Rosberg pits for the medium tyres as he try’s to go for an under cut on both. Lap 20, Massa pits and comes out behind Rosberg. Rosberg on his out lap was fastest in the middle and last sector. Lap 23, Bottas pits and he comes out behind Rosberg and Massa.

Lap 26, Vettel pits then Hamilton pits the next lap. Lap 29, Raikkonen pits for medium. Lap 31, Daniel Ricciardo is the last one to make a stop and goes onto the soft tyres.

Lap 48, Hamilton is told to push, but he has a 22 second gap to Vettel. There are concerned faces at Mercedes!

Lap 50, Fernando Alonso is out after closing down on team-mate Jenson Button. Raikkonen passes Sergio Perez for 6th place. Lap 51 and there is a puff of smoke coming from Rosberg’s Mercedes and he slows to the halt in the 2nd sector at the 2nd chicane. Hamilton is told by team radio that everything is fine and they will talk about it when he gets back to the pits.

Hamilton survives to win ahead of Vettel and Massa.

Race Result

1.Hamilton  2.Vettel  3.Massa  4.Bottas  5.Raikkonen  6.Perez  7.Hulkenberg  8.Ricciardo  9.Ericsson  10.Kvyat  11.Sainz  12.Verstappen  13.Nasr  14.Button  15.Stevens  16.Merhi  DNF Rosberg, Alonso, Grosjean, Maldonado

No further action was taken by the stewards for the tyre pressures on Hamilton and Rosberg’s car.

Drivers Championship

1.Hamilton 252pts  2.Rosberg 199pts  3.Vettel 178pts  4.Massa 97pts  5.Raikkonen 92pts

Overall a controlled race by Hamilton to extend his championship lead to 53 points over Rosberg. Is this the race where Rosberg’s championship hopes went up in smokes? Where would Raikkonen be if he did not have such a bad start? Good result by both Force India cars of Perez and Hulkenberg to reclaim 5th in the Constructors championship, 13 points ahead of Lotus.

Lotus looks to be bought by Renault in the upcoming weeks, due to the team’s financial difficulties. If Renault does buy Lotus it would return as a works team, last a team at the end of 2010.

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