Pre – Season Testing Information

Testing has grown and grown within the sport and so has the development of cars during the crucial few days of pre season testing.


Testing is important to the teams and drivers to get an idea of what their car is capable of. Testing of every component and structure of the car is tested before the car is built to race.

The teams prepare the design and manufacture of the components and the car well before the testing starts. During the months of December, January and much of February the teams work in their factories and wind tunnel facilities. Then it is off to the first test where the team and driver can see the abilities and assess the car for the first time. The aim of the test is to get a feel for what the car is like and how reliable it is.

Other testing happens during the race weekend during Friday’s practise session. Teams continue to work on their cars and try to improve them by constant development. If the team do not keep up with the “development race” they might fall back and become uncompetitive throughout the season.

Starting this year, the number of pre season tests have been reduced from three to two.

Testing is good for the drivers and teams but the work that they do is invisible and meaningless to fans until the first race of the season!

2016 Pre – Season Test Dates

  •  1st pre season test: February 22nd – 25th at Barcelona, Spain
  • Teams involved: all teams


  • 2nd pre season test: March 1st – 4th at Barcelona, Spain
  • Teams involved: all teams



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