Round up of Test 2

Ferrari prove Mercedes wrong and can put in the fastest times when need to, hugely better test for McLaren and Renault as Haas feel the pain as a new F1 team.


Ferrari up the pressure on Mercedes

Mercedes carried off where they left the first test and have really been putting the laps in. They have not shown true pace yet as they went for mileage. Both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have both said that “it will be close between the two teams, but they don’t know if they are behind or in front.” At Ferrari, it looks that Kimi Raikkonen may have his mojo back and both Vettel and Raikkonen like the push-rod suspension on the SF16-H.

Williams lead tight mid field

Williams did not show much pace during the first test, but they did in the second. Valterri Bottas edged out Hamilton on day 2 to give them their first appearance at the top of the time sheets. But, they are not the only ones doing so well such as: Force India, Red Bull and Torro Rosso, who all had a pretty good test.

Much better test for McLaren and Renault

McLaren started off the first test pretty well until the last two days and then the problems kicked in and they needed a better test the second time round. They did, with both Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso completing in the end over 200 laps each. Could we now say that McLaren is nearing the mid field?

Renault also had a pretty good second test as well, with Kevin Magnussen nearly completing 250 laps. Jolyon Palmer had a better second test as well completing 188 laps, compared to the first test of just 73 laps.

Haas feel the pain as a new F1 team

For Haas, the first test was a dream come true. Then the second test brought them back down to earth. Esteban Gutierrez suffered a fuel system failure on day 1 and only completed 23 laps. Then on day 2, Gutierrez only managed 1 lap due to a turbo failure. Would Romain Grosjean suffer any more problems on day 3? Yes, and this time it was a brake-by-wire failure that brought out the red flag twice when Grosjean beached the VF-16 into the gravel then another stoppage at the end of day 3 sealed off a bad day. Both Grosjean and Gutierrez ran on the final day and managed 91 laps between them.

Pre Season stats

  • Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen set the fastest lap of both tests on a 1:22:765 on the new Ultrasoft tyre.
  • Throughout the both tests, Mercedes racked up 1294 laps, the best by far.
  • Mercedes also racked up the most mileage and went a total distance of  6024 kilometres.

The pecking order

We have just finished pre season testing and it would be not impossible but hard to determine the order of where the teams are. We will get a better idea in Melbourne for the 1st race on the 20th of March.






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