Verstappen replaces Kvyat at Red Bull

Max Verstappen is to replace Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull for the Spanish grand prix and for the rest of the season.


Max Verstappen is to replace Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull for the Spanish Grand Prix and for the rest of the season. This move comes after the Russian Grand Prix where Kvyat hit former Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari into turn 2. Kvyat then hit Vettel again going into turn 3 which sent the Ferrari out and into the barrier. When Kvyat hit Vettel, Kvyat’s teammate, Daniel Ricciardo was also hit by Vettel and destroyed his race. With both Kvyat and Ricciardo cars damaged at the start of the race meant that it would be near to impossible for any of them to score points. Ricciardo came home 11th with Kvyat 15th.

Kvyat had a slow start to the season in Australia and Bahrain but a podium in China should huge potential as he entered his home Grand Prix in Russia. Red Bull have come out and said that this is not the end of his career rejoining Torro Rosso. Kvyat joined Torro Rosso in 2014 with Red Bull promoting him in 2015 where he scored his first ever podium in Hungary and out scored Ricciardo in the drivers championship.

McLaren Honda’s Jenson Button has shared his opinion on Twitter and took Kvyat’s interest at heart.

Verstappen’s move up to Red Bull could show more skill and potential in the young Dutch as he is along with Pascal Wehrlein and others as F1’s new face of the sport. But will he get a reality kick?

Too harsh on Kvyat

My own opinion, I think Red Bull have been way too harsh on Kvyat and have all ready dumped him 4 races into the season. I agree strongly with Jenson Button and there is still 17 races to go this season. I think they could have kept him for the rest of the season then decide what to do with him when the season is over.  What Kvyat has to do now is to out-perform the Torro Rosso car and now team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr.

Too good for Verstappen

Despite Red Bull being far too harsh on Kvyat, this is a really good opportunity for Verstappen to perform at a really competitive level alongside Ricciardo fighting against the Ferrari’s, Williams and maybe the Mercedes’s cars.

The next grand prix in Spain will show if Red Bull have made the right move or not?

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