European GP Preview

The 2016 season sees Azerbaijan become the latest addition to the Formula One calendar to host a grand prix and hold the title of the European GP.


History of the European GP

Baku becomes the latest circuit to add to the calendar this year just two years after Russia in Sochi. The European GP has had many hosts in F1 including places at : Aintree, Caesar’s Palace, Detroit, Dallas, Indianapolis and Istanbul. Many drivers and teams come into this weekend facing the unknown having never raced or been on the track. Teams will be trying different set-up ideas as the track has been compared to Monza in Italy.

Many questions face the teams this weekend including: How long will the tyres last? How much fuel saving will drivers do? And how many times will the Safety Car make an appearance.

Track facts

  • Laps: 51
  • Circuit length: 3.732 miles
  • Race distance: 190.171 miles
  • Lap record: N/A
  • Corners: 20

Hamilton on a roll!

Lewis Hamilton is currently is a roll with 2 consecutive GP wins in Monaco and in Canada. Hamilton’s teammate, Nico Rosberg says that he is not phased bu the points difference which was 43 and it is now 9 just after two grand prix’s. Who will have the advantage this weekend?

What can Baku produce?

All the drivers and teams enter this weekend not knowing what to expect in qualifying and in the race. Overtaking will be big on the long straight from turn 19 to turn 1. I’m sure we will see the Safety car at one point or two.

Qualifying is on Saturday the 18th and the Race on the 19th of June.

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