Austria Race Round 9

Lewis Hamilton wins the Austrian GP ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen after a last lap collision between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg sees Rosberg limp home in 4th.


Massa to start from pit lane

Williams Felipe Massa will start the race from the pit lane due to damage on the front wing. Massa qualified 10th with team-mate Valterri Bottas qualifying 7th.

Tyre choice

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg, Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Valterri Bottas, Pascal Wehrlein, Sergio Perez and Daniil Kvyat will start on the Ultrasoft tyre. Rio Haryanto and Felipe Nasr will start on the Soft tyre with the rest of the grid on the Supersoft tyre.


The lights go green and Lewis Hamilton leads from pole ahead of Jenson Button who has jumped Nico Hulkenberg. Hamilton leads ahead of Button, Kimi Raikkonen, Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg. Nico Rosberg overtakes Daniel Ricciardo into turn 8 and into 5th place. Lap 3, Daniil Kvyat has pulled over and is out. What a miserable weekend for him.

Lap 4, Jenson Button is dropping behind Lewis Hamilton and is now being caught by Kimi Raikkonen. Lap 6, Nico Rosberg now overtakes Nico Hulkenberg into turn 2 and up to 4th. Lap 7, Kimi Raikkonen finally overtakes Jenson Button for 2nd place. Lap 8, Nico Rosberg overtakes Button into turn 5 and into 3rd. Fernando Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg pit on lap 8 and goes onto the Soft and Supersoft tyre.

Lap 9, Jenson Button, Valterri Bottas and Sergio Perez pit and goes onto the Soft, Soft and Supersoft tyre. Lap 11, Nico Rosberg pits and goes onto the Soft tyre. Lap 14, Daniel Ricciardo pits and goes onto the Soft tyre. Lap 15, Max Verstappen pits and goes onto the Soft tyre as well. Lap 20, Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel have not stopped and Nico Rosberg is only 23 seconds behind Hamilton.

Lap 21, Lewis Hamilton pulls into the pits, goes onto the Soft tyre and it is slower than usual. Hamilton appears behind Nico Rosberg. Lap 22, Kimi Raikkonen pits and goes onto the Soft tyre. Raikkonen appears behind Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in 6th place. Lap 27, Sebastian Vettel’s right rear has exploded in spectacular fashion on the main straight, he is out and the Safety car is deployed. Nico Rosberg leads ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen and Valterri Bottas. Lap 32, the Safety car is in and Kevin Magnussen has been given a 5 second penalty for changing direction while defending against Pascal Wehrlein.

Lap 36, Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean have been given a 5 second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. Lap 45, Lewis Hamilton is now just over 1 second behind Nico Rosberg in 1st. Lap 51, Nico Hulkenberg pits and takes the 5 second penalty. Lap 54, Lewis Hamilton is under 1 second behind Rosberg now. At the end of 54, Hamilton pits and goes onto the Soft tyre. Rosberg pits at the end of lap 55 and goes onto the Supersoft tyre.

Lap 61, Nico Rosberg has now overtaken Max Verstappen into turn 3 and back into the lead. Daniel Ricciardo pulls into the pits and puts on the Ultrasoft tyre. Lap 63, Lewis Hamilton has now overtaken Max Verstappen into turn 2. Lap 65, Williams are now retiring Felipe Massa while Daniel Ricciardo gets back past Jenson Button into turn 3. Lap 66, Fernando Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg now retire from the race. Lap 68, Lewis Hamilton is now only half a second behind race leader, Nico Rosberg.

Lap 71, both Rosberg and Hamilton enter the final lap and Rosberg gets a bad exit off of turn 1 and that compromises him to the run up to turn 2. Hamilton is behind and in the slipstream and with the help of DRS, he goes to the outside of turn 2. Rosberg takes the inside, brakes later than usual, turns later than usual and both collide! Hamilton is forced to run wide and Rosberg’s front wing has dislodged its self. Hamilton overtakes Rosberg while yellow flags are being shown as Sergio Perez is in the gravel trap at turn 3. Hamilton comes round and wins as Rosberg is falling back and is now overtaken by Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen.

Race result

1.Hamilton  2.Verstappen  3.Raikkonen  4.Rosberg*  5.Ricciardo  6.Button  7.Grosjean*  8.Sainz  9.Bottas  10.Wehrlein  11.Gutierrez  12.Palmer  13.Nasr  14.Magnussen  15.Ericsson  16.Haryanto  17.Perez  18.Alonso  19.Hulkenberg  20.Massa  DNF Vettel and Kvyat

Rosberg* was at fault for the collision between Hamilton and himself and was awarded a 10 second penalty and 2 penalty points on his licence. This made no difference to his finishing position.

Grosjean* took his 5 second penalty at the end of the race and this also did not make any difference to his finishing position.


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