Ignition Festival of Motoring 2016

The SECC in Glasgow played host to the first ever Ignition Festival of Motoring last weekend and I got the chance to see it and what a cracking day it was!


From F1 cars to rally cars, classic to new. The festival was truly spectacular and showcased the finest cars in the motoring industry. The event was held on Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of August.

To drive the cars, you need drivers and we were given a fine selection of drivers. Drivers included: Former F1 drivers David Coulthard and Mark Webber, double BTCC champion Gordon Shedden, five time British Rally Champion Jimmy McRae and pro drifter for Japspeed and competing in the British Drift Championship Shane Lynch. Also present were the Top Gear Stunt Team which provided amazing live action and a lot of tyre screeching!

My dad and I attended on Sunday and with premium tickets was able to go into the paddock area and see a range of exciting cars. Part of the premium ticket, we were able sat in the grandstands and watched in amazement as the cars sped through the street based circuit and demonstrated their talent as they did doughnuts and other stunts.

My favourite bit of the day was seeing the Classic Formula One Show. This included the cars of:

  • 1982 Williams driven in by Keke Rosberg.
  • 1989 Lotus driven in by Nelson Piquet.
  • 1992 Benetton driven in by Michael Schumacher.
  • 2011 Red Bull driven in by Sebastian Vettel and for this weekend, David Coulthard!

Also there was the Colin McRae Tribute Collection which had some of the rally cars that Colin drove throughout his rallying career. Porsche had their own parade of the history of the 911 model from the first in 1963 to the most recent 2016 model.

It was a fantastic day out and I would recommend it to anyone. I enjoyed it so much, I’m already thinking about going back next year!


David Coulthard in the RB7 speaking to the mechanics before going on track.


Nicki Shields interviews Shane Lynch after his performance.


Gordon Shedden’s 2015 BTCC title winning car was on display.


Michael Schumacher’s Benetton from 1993 took part in the show.





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