Singapore Race Round 15

Nico Rosberg wins the Singapore GP and takes the lead in the championship ahead of Red Bulls Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton as Renault scores its first points since the Russian GP.


Tyre choice

Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, Felipe Nasr and Jolyon Palmer will start on the Supersoft tyre with Sebastian Vettel starting on the Soft tyre, the only one to do so. Everyone else will start on the Ultrasoft tyre.


The lights go green and Nico Rosberg gets away from pole position and lead down to turn 1 as Max Verstappen’s bad start causes chaos. Carlos Sainz, who started behind Verstappen pulls to the right to avoid the slow starting Red Bull while behind him, Nico Hulkenberg also gets a great start. Hulkenberg hits Sainz and Hulkenberg hits the pit wall and is out. Sainz survives and the Safety car is deployed with Rosberg leading Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton.

Due to Hulkenberg’s accident on the start/finish line, the cars have go through the pit lane behind the Safety car. Fernando Alonso has made his way up to 5th place with Max Verstappen dropping to 8th place due to his bad start. Also at the start, Jenson Button and Valterri Bottas made contact and both take to the pits to repair their cars. Lap 3, the Safety car comes in and Nico Rosberg leads. Lap 6, Carlos Sainz has receives a black and orange flag for a bit of loose bit of his barge board hanging off his car while Sebastian Vettel, who started 21st, has made his way up to 15th place. Lap 7, Esteban Ocon is under investigation by the stewards for overtaking under the Safety car while Sainz pits and his pit crew fix the damaged barge board. Lap 8, the stewards are taking no more action against what was an unsafe release by the Williams pit crew to let Valterri Bottas go.

Lap 9, Nico Rosberg is told by his Mercedes team that he needs to get his brakes under control as the temperatures nearly critical. A lap later and the other Mercedes car of Lewis Hamilton is also told to keep on top of his brakes as well as Rosberg. Lap 12, Esteban Ocon has been given a 5 second penalty by the stewards for overtaking behind the Safety car.

Lap 14, Max Verstappen pits and goes onto the Supersoft tyre. Lap 16, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton pit from 2nd and 3rd and both go onto Supersoft tyre. Lap 17, race leader Nico Rosberg pits puts on the Soft tyre but its a longer stop than he wanted. Lap 18, Kimi Raikkonen pits along with Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Nasr onto the Supersoft tyre. Lap 19, Rosberg leads ahead of Ricciardo, Hamilton and Raikkonen. Lap 25, Raikkonen has caught up to the back of Hamilton in 3rd as Sebastian Vettel pits for the Ultrasoft tyre. Lap 26, Sergio Perez pits for the Soft tyre an emerges behind Vettel. Lap 28, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz pits for the Soft and Supersoft tyre.

Lap 33, Daniel Ricciardo pits for the Soft tyre as Kimi Raikkonen overtakes Lewis Hamilton for 3rd place at turn 11. Lap 34, Nico Rosberg and Raikkonen pit for the Soft tyre. Lap 34, Valterri Bottas pits and his pit crew are trying to do his seatbelt which has come undone. He waits and the seatbelt is fastened as Lewis Hamilton pits for the Soft tyre. Hamilton emerges ahead of Raikkonen as Rosberg leads ahead of Ricciardo. Lap 35, Fernando Alonso pits for the Soft tyre and emerges back out on track in 9th place. Lap 37, Williams decide to retire Bottas from the race.

Lap 43, Sebastian Vettel pits for the Ultrasoft tyre and this should take him to the end of the race. Lap 45, Max Verstappen pits for the Soft tyre as McLaren decide to retire Jenson Button from the race. Lap 46, Lewis Hamilton decides to pit and the decision to pit seems to have left Ferrari in a panic. There is panic in Kimi Raikkonen’s race engineer voice as they work out a strategy for Raikkonen. Lap 47, Ferrari bring Raikkonen into the pits and decide to put Raikkonen on a used set of Ultrasoft tyre, with Hamilton on the Supersoft tyre. Hamilton drives past and the undercut has worked! Hamilton is 3rd with Raikkonen 4th. Lap 48, Daniel Ricciardo pits and puts on the Supersoft tyre. Will this pressure Nico Rosberg into a pit stop? No it doesn’t. Rosberg stays out

Lap 50, Daniel Ricciardo is catching Nico Rosberg at a rate of knots a puts in a new fastest lap of the race of a 1:47:187. The gap between Rosberg in 1st and Ricciardo in 2nd is 20 seconds. The gap confirms that is Rosberg had pitted after Ricciardo, he would have lost the lead of the race. Lap 54, Ricciardo has slashed the gap to Rosberg by 11 seconds and the gap is now only 9 seconds. Lap 61, Rosberg only has a 1.8 second gap to Ricciardo but Ricciardo can’t get any closer to win. Rosberg wins ahead of Ricciardo and Hamilton.

Race result

1.Rosberg  2.Ricciardo  3.Hamilton  4.Raikkonen  5.Vettel  6.Verstappen  7.Alonso  8.Perez  9.Kvyat  10.Magnussen  11.Gutierrez  12.Massa  13.Nasr  14.Sainz  15.Palmer  16.Wehrlein  17.Ericsson  18.Ocon  DNF Button, Bottas and Hulkenberg   DNS Grosjean

Race stats

  • Nico Rosberg wins his 200th GP start and now takes the lead in the Driver’s Championship, 8 points clear of Lewis Hamilton. His win today was his first win in Singapore and his 22nd victory overall.
  • Lewis Hamilton’s 3rd place marked his 99th podium appearance today and he could make it 100 in the next race.
  • Sebastian Vettel finished 5th after starting 21st on the grid. His heroic driver earned him Driver of the Day.
  • Kevin Magnussen finished 10th and picked up Renault’s first point since the Russian GP. It was only the second time that a Renault had finished inside the top 10.

Drivers Championship

  1. Nico Rosberg 273pts
  2. Lewis Hamilton 265pts
  3. Daniel Ricciardo 179pts
  4. Sebastian Vettel 153pts
  5. Kimi Raikkonen 148pts
  6. Max Verstappen 129pts
  7. Valterri Bottas 70pts
  8. Sergio Perez 66pts
  9. Nico Hulkenberg 46pts
  10. Felipe Massa 41pts

Constructors Championship

  1. Mercedes 538pts
  2. Red Bull 316pts
  3. Ferrari 301pts
  4. Force India 112pts
  5. Williams 111pts
  6. McLaren 54pts
  7. Torro Rosso 47pts
  8. Haas 28pts
  9. Renault 7pts
  10. Manor 1pt
  11. Sauber 0pts



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