Brazilian Race Round 20

Lewis Hamilton wins an interrupted Brazilian GP ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg and Red Bulls Max Verstappen as the race is red flagged twice.


Lap to the Grid

The cars make their way to the grid but they have to very careful as it’s raining. Haas’s Romain Grosjean has crashed on this way to the grid. he lost the rear of the car just before turn 15. The car spun and ended up facing the wrong way. The impact of the crash broke the left-front suspension and this meant that Grosjean would not be starting the race.


Due to the rain, the race will start behind the Safety Car and all the drivers will be on the Wet tyre. The start is delayed by 10 minutes to see if the conditions will improve. They don’t and the race goes ahead behind the Safety Car.

The Safety Car leads ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. Lap 7, the SC will be in and we will be racing. Hamilton lead and down into turn 1, Verstappen overtakes Raikkonen for 3rd place on lap 8. Kevin Magnussen pits for the Intermediate tyre, is the track dry enough yet? Lap 9 and 10, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Valterri Bottas and Felipe Massa pit for the Intermediate tyre. Lap 11, Sebastian Vettel spins at turn 14! He takes to the grass, rejoins and heads for the pits. He is back out in 19th place as on lap 13, Massa is under investigation for overtaking Esteban Gutierrez before the SC line.

Marcus Ericsson crashes at turn 15 and blocks the pit-lane. The SC is deployed as Red Bull pit Max Verstappen onto the Intermediate tyre. The Stewards close the pit-lane and Daniel Ricciardo pits! The pit-lane is closed and a penalty looks inevitable. Ricciardo is under investigation as on lap 17, the pit-lane is reopened as the marshals have cleared Ericsson’s wrecked car. Lap 19, the SC comes in and its Lewis Hamilton who leads ahead of Nico Rosberg and that’s Kimi Raikkonen into the wall on the start-finish straight! He hit a puddle of water and lost the rear of the car and he ends up facing the wrong way. The SC is back out as the replay shows a lucky escape for Esteban Ocon as he nearly hit the stricken Ferrari.

The Red flag is out. This means that the cars will follow the SC into the pit-lane and will stop in their order. Nico Hulkenberg has damage to his front wing as he ran through the debris of Kimi Raikkonen’s impact. So on lap 21, Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez as Felipe Nasr sits in 7th place for Sauber. Felipe Massa has received a 5 second time penalty for overtaking before the SC line and Daniel Ricciardo has received a 5 second time penalty for entering the pit-lane when it was closed. The Stewards have scheduled the restart of the race in 10 minutes and every driver has to be on the Wet tyre. The race gets going but only until lap 29 as the Stewards Red flag the race again!

The fans in the crowd are booing and we now have to wait until the start of the race. We are racing again on lap 32 and round the outside of turn 3, Max Verstappen overtakes Nico Rosberg for 2nd place. Lap 33, Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Carlos Sainz for 5th place into turn 1. Lap 38, Verstappen has lost it in between turn 14 and 15, but he is able to save it. He continues but how did he save his out of control car? Lap 40, Ricciardo pits, serving his time penalty of 5 seconds and switching to the Intermediate tyre. Lap 43, Sebastian Vettel overtakes Fernando Alonso into turn 10 and up into 7th place as Max Verstappen pits, going onto the Intermediate tyre.

Lap 46, Nico Rosberg half spins at turn 13, but he continues. Lap 48, Felipe Massa has crashed at his home GP. He has broken his right font and rear suspension. He has stopped at the entry of the pit-lane and he is hugely disappointed. He takes off his crash helmet and waves to the crowd. He is given a Brazilian flag and walks back to the pit garage, upset with tears running down his face. His wife and son meet Massa on his way up back to the Williams garage as pit crews applaud as he walks back. Meanwhile, the SC is controlling the pace with Lewis Hamilton leading ahead of Nico Rosberg and Sergio Perez. Lap 53, Daniel Ricciardo pits and changes back to the Wet tyre. Lap 54 means that the drivers will receive full race points. Lap 55, Max Verstappen pits and changes back onto the Wet tyre, he appears back out in 16th place.

The SC is in and we are racing on lap 56. On the restart, Fernando Alonso spins. He recovers but at the back of the field. Lap 58, Max Verstappen has now caught up to the back of team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in 10th and 11th place. Lap 60, Verstappen has now overtaken Ricciardo on the exit of turn 14. Lap 62, Esteban Gutierrez is out of the race. Lap 66, Max Verstappen overtakes Sebastian Vettel down the inside of turn 12 and up into 5th place. Lap 67, Max Verstappen overtakes Carlos Sainz into turn 4 and up into 4th place, what a drive so far! Lap 69, Max Verstappen overtakes Sergio Perez for 3rd place into turn 12. Lap 71, Lewis Hamilton wins ahead of Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen.

Race result

1.Hamilton  2.Rosberg  3.Verstappen  4.Perez  5.Vettel  6.Sainz  7.Hulkenberg  8.Ricciardo  9.Nasr  10.Alonso  11.Ocon  12.Bottas  13.Kvyat  14.Magnussen  15.Wehrlein  16.Button  DNF Gutierrez, Massa, Palmer, Raikkonen, Ericsson  DNS Grosjean

Race stats

  • Lewis Hamilton’s win in Brazil was his 24th race track that he had won in F1. It was also Hamilton’s first win in Brazil, for the 10th time of asking.
  • Max Verstappen recorded his 7 podium finish of the year in 2nd. Verstappen also became the youngest driver to claim a fastest lap and he he also got Driver of the Day.
  • Felipe Nasr and Sauber scored their first points of the season and their first since the 2015 United States GP. Nasr, finished in 9th to secure 2 points for Sauber and that result moved Sauber ahead of Manor in the championship.
  • Brazil also saw McLaren claim their 800th GP start and Kimi Raikkonen also started his 250th GP start.

Drivers Championship

  1. Nico Rosberg 367pts
  2. Lewis Hamilton 355pts
  3. Daniel Ricciardo 246pts
  4. Sebastian Vettel 197pts
  5. Max Verstappen 192pts
  6. Kimi Raikkonen 178pts
  7. Sergio Perez 97pts
  8. Valterri Bottas 85pts
  9. Nico Hulkenberg 66pts
  10. Fernando Alonso 53pts

Constructors Championship

  1. Mercedes 722pts
  2. Red Bull 446pts
  3. Ferrari 375pts
  4. Force India 163pts
  5. Williams 136pts
  6. McLaren 75pts
  7. Torro Rosso 63pts
  8. Haas 29pts
  9. Renault 8pts
  10. Sauber 2pts
  11. Manor 1pt

The Abu Dhabi GP will take place on the 25th – 27th of November for the final race of the 2016 F1 Season.

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