Test 1 Round-up

The first test for the Formula One 2017 season has been and gone and now we wait for the second test very soon. It’s very easy to draw many conclusions from just one test but it’s impossible not to. Here you will find a round-up from the four days of Test 1.


Day 1 – Mercedes start off where they started and Ferrari play cool

  • As expected, a few problems hampered teams on day 1 but no-one could match Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari completed the most laps and look like close challengers to Mercedes. A sensor problem in the gearbox for Red Bull limited Daniel Ricciardo running to only 50 laps.
  • Felipe Massa’s 103 laps for Williams was also impressive. An exhaust problem for Sergio Perez limited Force India’s running and overheating bodywork for Renault and Nico Hulkenberg lost time on track for them as well.
  • An oil system leak for McLaren and Fernando Alonso put major doubts that the team have made little steps forward. Alonso could only manage 29 laps in the end, the least mileage that day and not particularly quick either.

Day 2 – Ferrari on top as Mercedes continue to impress

  • Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari posted another good day for the Scuderia at the top. The bullet proof Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton in the Morning and Valterri Bottas in the afternoon raked up 168 laps and also ran the double-decker T-wing. A more productive day for Red Bull in P3 with Kevin Magnussen and Haas raking up the most mileage and P4.
  • A good day for Force India and Torro Rosso raking up decent mileage in P5 and P6. Williams had a dismal day with Lance Stroll damaging his car and ending their day.
  • Antonio Giovinazzi filled in for the recovering Pascal Wehrlein and had a impressive day for Sauber.
  • McLaren continue to struggle with Honda having to change the power unit on Stoffel Vandoorne’s car losing 5 hours of on track time and only managing 40 laps.

Day 3 – Lap times are proven to be quicker as Stroll bins it

  • Valterri Bottas and Mercedes set the fastest time of the Test so far but Ferrari end the day with the highest mileage. A notable performance from Marcus Ericsson for Sauber clocking 125 laps and P6. A good day for Renault as well with Palmer P4 and Hulkenberg P5.
  • Rookie Lance Stroll spun and hit the barrier and causing significant damage to his Williams which ending his day of testing but raking up 98 laps before the incident happened.
  • An improved day for McLaren as Fernando Alonso completed 72 laps, the pace still isn’t there but reliability is slowly improving.
  • Alfonso Celis Jr raked up 70 laps in his one and only day for Force India but also got used to the car and was doing tyre work throughout the day.

Day 4 – Ferrari quickest as Pirelli get valuable testing done.

  • Pirelli took the option of getting some valuable wet weather testing done in the morning session. Williams decided not to take part as there was too much damage on the car that Stroll crashed yesterday.
  • For the second time this test, Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari topped the time-sheets. An electrical problem for Mercedes hampered Lewis Hamilton’s day in the morning session. Haas’s Romain Grosjean raked up the most mileage. Renault would have wanted more laps over the whole test but were happy with P3 and P9.
  • Another average day for McLaren as Stoffel Vandoorne raked up 67 laps but the team are far from confident. A disappointing day for Torro Rosso with only 1 lap.

Total Laps per Team

  1. Mercedes 558 laps
  2. Ferrari 468 laps
  3. Sauber 349 laps
  4. Haas 343 laps
  5. Red Bull 294 laps
  6. Renault 293 laps
  7. Force India 259 laps
  8. Williams 213 laps
  9. McLaren 208 laps
  10. Torro Rosso 183 laps

Quickest Times per Driver

  1. Valterri Bottas  Mercedes  1:19:705
  2. Sebastian Vettel  Ferrari  1:19:952
  3. Kimi Raikkonen  Ferrari  1:20:872
  4. Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes  1:20:983
  5. Daniel Ricciardo  Red Bull  1:21:153
  6. Jolyon Palmer  Renault  1:21:396

The second Formula One test of 2017 will take place on March the 7th – 10th in Spain, Barcelona.

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