Test 2 Round-up

The second test for Formula One is over and now the countdown begins until the lights go green in Melbourne for the Australian GP. Here you will find a round-up from the four days of Test 2.


Day 1 – A familiar face returns to the top of the times

  • A new face appeared at the top of time-sheets with Felipe Massa and Williams making up for lost time. Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull showed some decent pace. Another positive start for Ferrari as Sebastian Vettel clocked up 168 laps.
  • Mercedes had to change the floor on Lewis Hamilton’s car in the Morning session as it was damaged. Changing the floor then, gave Bottas more running in the afternoon session
  • Renault had to change Jolyon Palmer’s engine in the morning session and that limited running to 15 laps.
  • Pascal Wehrlein enjoyed a positive day back after missing the 1st Test due to a back injury sustained at the Race of Champions.

Day 2 – Mercedes quickest as Alonso says it all

  • Valterri Bottas and Mercedes roared to the top of the time-sheets setting the fastest lap of the test. Another very strong day for Williams with Felipe Massa P2. Ferrari had their test disrupted by Kimi Raikkonen crashing lightly.
  • Force India, Torro Rosso and Haas had a great day with the teams nearing or at 100 laps.
  • Max Verstappen and Red Bull had their morning interrupted with an MGU-K problem and then at the end of the afternoon session, the car stopped on track.
  • Jolyon Palmer and Renault suffered a hydraulics issue in the morning and only 29 laps to show.
  • Fernando Alonso quotes: “The team (McLaren) are ready to win, expect Honda” after another difficult day.

Day 3 – Ferrari on top as teams pass a century

  • Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari appeared at the top of the time-sheets once again, breaking the lap record. A generally average day for teams as Ferrari, Force India, Haas and Red Bull managed over 100 laps per driver.
  • Stoffel Vandoorne could only manage 48 laps for McLaren as the car broke down twice due to an electrical issue.
  • Due to his lack of running yesterday, Jolyon Palmer was given the whole day in the car but an ERS problem stopped him from getting more laps.
  • Both Williams drivers of Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll raked up mileage between them with that being the target for the day.

Day 4 – Lap record broken as Ferrari look as favourites

  • An outstanding lap by Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari saw the lap record broken for the 3rd time in a row. The Ferrari did stop on track during the afternoon session though. Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas were rumoured to be running on high fuel runs.
  • Red Bull and Max Verstappen suffered a turbo failure in the afternoon session. It was also a productive day for Carlos Sainz and Torro Rosso.
  • Romain Grosjean and Haas stopped on track with a water leak with the car.
  • Another day of stoppages for Fernando Alonso and McLaren with just 43 laps to show but it was also Alonso’s best lap time during the two tests.

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