F1 “MyDriver” goes out on a high

After 8 enthralling seasons, “MyDriver” a YouTube series created by YouTuber aarava ended in dramatic fashion as the Brit bet season-long rivals Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly and Audi’s Carlos Sainz Jr to pick up his 4th Drivers Championship.


“MyDriver” originally started out as a career mode in which aarava, who partnered Jenson Button at McLaren, had just graduated from GP2 to F1 after winning the junior series. The idea behind the concept was what could of happened if the Honda engine was good and McLaren were able to compete at the top. “MyDriver” is all about the whole package of a season of racing at the highest level, the race weekend itself and most importantly, the story behind it.

Taking place on the official F1 games, 2015, 2016 and 2017, it involves a high amount of modding in which aarava does himself.

But after 8 seasons, the series came to a close in Japan where both championships were decided.

Before the Season Finale

It’s 2022, aarava has joined Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc in his final season of racing in F1 before his retirement. The cars are nothing anyone has seen before with double the amount of downforce and with more power thanks to the V10 Hybrid engines. The introduction of 3 sprint races have been a great addition to the calendar and has thrown up some interesting results. After finishing in 2nd in Australia, aarava comes in the final round 2 points behind Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly with the Audi of Carlos Sainz 7 points behind aarava in 3rd. The Constructors Championship can also be decided in Japan. Leclerc claimed his first win of the season in Australia and that helped Ferrari’s chances but the Scuderia are only one point ahead of Red Bull. In typical fashion, it all comes down to the final race.

The Finale

Gasly, Sainz and aarava have all been title rivals throughout the 8 seasons but never at the same time. Initially it was a poor qualifying for aarava with the Brit the last of the championship rivals down in 7th. Sainz kept his hopes up by taking Pole Position while Gasly lined up in 4th. After a great start, aarava found himself in 3rd after decisive overtakes on Renault’s Jack Aitken, team-mate Leclerc, Mercedes’s Max Verstappen and the other Renault of Esteban Ocon.

Gasly was the first one to blink as the Frenchman dived into the pits with aarava following the next lap. aarava came out just behind Gasly as the Red Bull driver was held up in traffic. Sainz came out as aarava approached turn 1 with both side-by-side through turns 3 and 4 with Sainz getting ahead. Before the lap ends, aarava manages to overtake Sainz and sets about catching Gasly. What is evidently clear is that it is starting to rain. Everyone dives into the pits for the Intermediate tyre.

Leclerc stayed out one extra lap and was able to jump Sainz effectively ending the Spaniard’s hopes of a second world championship. Gasly and aarava do battle over 4th and 5th with the former Red Bull team-mates going toe-to-toe. Ahead of the battling duo, Jaguar’s Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren’s Lando Norris and Mercedes’s Mick Schumacher occupied the top 3 places as thanks to strategy they didn’t have to pit until the rain fell gaining a whole load of “free” positions.

Everyone pits once again on the Intermediate tyre as it looks like the rain is here to stay. On lap 22, aarava finally overtakes Gasly for 4th and the pair begin to catch the top 3. After making a slight mistake, Sainz overtakes Leclerc for 6th but that won’t be enough for Sainz at the moment to take the championship. The track is drying and the field pit for the dry tyres. aarava is able to unleash the full potential of the Ferrari and after a mistake by Vandoorne, aarava occupies 3rd with Gasly in 5th. Time has run out for Gasly as Vandoorne keeps ahead until the chequered flag and it’s enough for aarava to take his 4th Driver’s Championship by 2 points head of Gasly. McLaren’s Norris takes his maiden F1 win and with Leclerc in 7th, it’s enough for Ferrari to take home the Constructors Championship.


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