F1 2019: Mexico GP saved as part of new extended deal

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit will host the Mexican GP until at least 2022 as part of a new deal to keep the popular race on the calendar for three more years.


On Thursday, it was revealed that a ‘new funding model’ featuring private investment had secured the race’s short-term future after public speculation had revealed that the race might drop off of the calendar.

Since returning to the F1 calendar in 2015 after a 23 year hiatus, the popular race revamped race has been a highlight on the calendar and has been the setting for Mercedes Lewis Hamilton’s most recent championship victories in 2017 and in 2018.

Home-favourite, Sergio Perez, who drives for Racing Point, has finished his home-race 3 times with a highest finish of 7th achieved in 2017.

F1 set for record season?

With new races taking place in Vietnam and the Netherlands in 2020, Formula One is set for a record 22 race calendar, the most the sport has ever seen.

Coming into this year, five of F1’s most oldest races, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK and Mexico were on the last year of their current contracts. Since, it’s been confirmed that the British GP will stay on the calendar as part of a new 5 year deal and now the news that Mexico is staying for 3 more years.

F1 2019: Silverstone to remain host of British GP as part of new deal

A deal has been set but there’s no confirmation as of yet of the Italian GP – Ferrari’s home race. Discussions between F1 and Catalan officials have been ongoing with the race at Barcelona being saved.

But it looks like F1 is set to lose Germany after the sport’s most dramatic and frantic races in recent history with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen taking victory.

F1 2019: Verstappen wins dramatic wet/dry German GP as Vettel recovers to 2nd


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